Chance für Morgen

Creating and sustaining change requires teamwork, collaboration, and partnerships. We learn to take other’s good, share our own, and create the greater harmony in similarities of realities and interests. The fundraising organization Chance für Morgen was founded in 2005 as a partner organization to Karunakarya. It functions with a hard-working team of volunteers from different parts of Switzerland. Its main responsibilities are public relations and fundraising campaigns in the German speaking part of Europe.

Karuna Creations, the handicraft training and production project of Karunakarya exports its products to Switzerland to be sold at different seasonal markets as part of the self-sustainability of the organization. The members of Chance für Morgen are responsible for a successful market-day every time.
Chance für Morgen is also the fund-collecting base for donations from within Europe. As all the members are volunteers, all of the funds collected can be used to support Karunakarya and its various projects.
As the board of Karunakarya has a strong support base in Switzerland, they visit every couple of years to hold events for the supporters of the organization, building a long-lasting relationship. The team from Chance für Morgen help in organizing and conducting these events as well.

Chance für Morgen

Trustee Information


Chellappa Christopher Samuel, Director

Vice President

Remo Ritzmann, Electronic Engineer / Social entrepreneur


Andreas Schweizer, Software Developer


Thomas Burren, Flight Nurse


Helene Koch, Home maker / Nurse

Peter Koch, Electrical Engineer

Cynthia Chellappa, Head of Admin. Karunakarya