Their dreams are as simple as ours. People from a marginalized community have numerous problems hindering them from achieving what they dreamt of as they were children. The society and education systems have always been classifying factors for what we become. The majority of the population living in marginalized and underdeveloped communities are uneducated and thus easily influenced by external forces and traditionalistic mindsets. The problems which the poor population of India face can only be solved through a mission for total community development targeting all generations and personally aiding them to break out of their endless circle of poverty.

VISION 2030:

‘To develop a confident and responsible community with a positive world view’


‘To empower the children and youth, through holistic education and community based approach.

Breaking the cycle and overcoming the effects of poverty is only possible by developing skills, courage and confidence. We at Karunakarya believe in developing people as a whole, providing opportunities to equip themselves with skills and inspiration to reverse the effects of poverty and live a transformed life. The most important unit in the society is the family. Through The Ark Primary and Nursery School, Karunakarya Community College, and other activities we focus on the development of children and youth. And through these activities we reach out to their parents and include them to achieve effective development. All our activities are conducted in a holistic manner to so that they can experience development in all aspects of their lives. We see all our activities to be eventually run by a large percentage by the local community itself. We started in 2001 in Chennai with transit schools and tuition centers and have come a long way in our own organizational development and now see the rural communities as our main focus point. Our mission is not yet completed and we will keep working towards what we are called for.

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Karunakarya Trust

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Chellappa Christopher Samuel, Director


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