Karuna Creations

Unemployability is a problem spread across all social levels in India. Many graduates find it challenging to find a job equivalent to their educational status. The worst affected are the people from slums and small villages and people who face a mental or physical handicap. Many adults from these communities face the problem of illiteracy and skill development due to incomplete education. Poverty becomes an endless hurdle to overcome as they struggle to stay integrated in the larger society.

To provide an equal chance for all who face the problem of unemployability, we started an informal skill development course in 2003. The course was specific to the areas in which we ran our projects to aim at community development as a whole. The training was focused for the illiterate, and physically or mentally challenged people, with a concentrated focus on destitute women.
The success of this project has evolved it into Karuna Creations in 2009. The tailoring, hand embroidery, and handicrafts training courses provided an opportunity to the beneficiaries for self-employment or to find a job in textile companies. The products which are produced in these training courses are produced under fair trade policies within India and since the acquisition of an export license in 2012 we also export our products to different seasonal markets. The income is utilized for sustaining and improving this project as well as other projects run by our organization.

The flexibility of the training options and the opportunity of earning while being trained contributed a lot to the interests of the women of the communities in which we operate because through this, they generate additional income to sustain their families. The project is still growing, gaining popularity, and we hope that through this we can reach out to the all the unemployable individuals in the community.