Karunakarya Community College

“The difference between an unsuccessful and a successful education can be defined by the difference between maintaining the status quo or the development of a whole nation”

In an environment plagued by gender and social discrimination, political influence, and substance abuse, the youth of socially disadvantaged communities struggle to break out of the norms and to look beyond their line of sight. We work towards creating educational interests to empower the youth with an attitude to fight against the re-emergence of poverty in their personal lives.

The Karunakarya Community College is currently functioning in Eraiyur, a small village in the Kanchipuram district. We have been operating in that area since 2007 with various projects and decided to shift the college which has been operating in Chennai since 2005 to Eraiyur in 2011 as we identified the community’s need for a change in perspective.

Eraiyur is one of many villages in the Kanchipuram district which are falling in the shadows of the industrial growth of that area. The youth lack inspiration and security.

“They just don’t see the advantage of an educational investment. They earn and lose in an endless cycle” – Newbin Santhosh (Organizational Development)

The employable population of that area see the industries as a direct and fast access to money. But, with their lack of a specialized education, English communication skills and a general sense of professional behavior, it does not take long before they quit or are fired. Cheap labor is not hard to find which makes them expendable.
The community college provides diploma and degree courses for all youth, no matter their past educational qualifications. The college is registered at ICRDCE and the courses are TNOU accredited (NSDC approval in progress). These courses can bridge the gap in their education and enable them to pursue a higher degree course, get a secure job, or even inspire them to go out on their own. Most of the courses are designed to meet the job opportunities which are dominant in their surrounding industrial area. More than just educating them to earn a living, we position ourselves to train our students to become life-smart and empower them to become equal members of the society. The moto of the Karunakarya Community College “Fit for life and fit for job” is not taken lightly in our way of reaching out to our students. To encourage the young women of this Indian traditionalistic society we offer them a discounted fee structure. We are delighted to have an 86% job placement and a 13% quote on students pursuing higher studying in the last 3 years of operation.

We, at Karunakarya always aim at the development of the community as a whole. The development of the youth from marginalized communities in India is a very pressing need and we organize a number of youth events which aim at personality building and development through sports, debates and weekend camps.

We operate the Karunakarya Community College with a keen aim of fulfilling our mission statement: ‘To empower the children and youth, through holistic education and community based approach.’ To prevent the villages becoming slums in a fast developing environment, we look at the youth as the change-makers and inspiration for the whole community.