The Ark is an English-medium school in the village of Eraiyur, with a primary objective of building an environment where students feel comfortable to explore their strengths and creative potential. The students are monitored through result-based management which allows the teachers to observe the development of their students and to construct personalized learning plans to meet their needs. The rural population of India has many uneducated people who do not understand their responsibility to nurture the holistic development of their children. The six elements of holistic development are: Emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and linguistic development.

We, as an organization care for the overall development of the community. Through our students we can reach out to their parents. We facilitate various events and meetings with the parents to help them understand their role in their child’s education and actively involve them in their child’s development. Along with the school staff, the parents also participate in the Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) workshop mandated by the government of India.

The teachers of The Ark Primary School participate in many seminars and workshops to ensure that they can upgrade their abilities and are updated with the latest tools to enhance their students’ learning experience. They are encouraged to facilitate learning rather than just teach a lesson. The responsibility of planning the different events and workshops for the students is divided among the teachers, to give them an outlet for their own creativity.

There are many challenges that come with running a school in a marginalized community. But, with these challenges come opportunities to learn, optimize, and innovate. Aligning the standards of the school with the organizations value objectives ensures that there is knowledge building and recurring impact in the lives of our students. We see positive change and aim to build it into a sustainable way of living.

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